There will be three exams. The first two exams will take place during class time on the days they are scheduled. The final will take place according to the schedule set by the University of Wisconsin (Thursday, Dec 19, 12:25-2:25 pm; location TBA).

The two midterm exams may include multiple choice, identification, short answer and essay assignments. They will include material from lecture and the required readings.

The final exam will be mostly not cumulative. About 75% of the final will be like the midterms, concerning material from only the last third of the course. However, it also will include an essay question or two that ask students to draw from big ideas from across the course.

Make-up exam policy: To take a make-up exam, notify your TA in advance and provide documentation of the reason for your absence. Only in extreme cases can exams be made up without prior notification.

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