Lecture slides

Week 2, Monday: Opening lecture

Week 2, Wednesday: Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post

Week 2, Friday: Guest lecture by Jack Mitchell

Week 3, Monday: Foundations of American journalism

Week 3, Wednesday: People, principles and product

Week 3, Friday: Continued Wednesday's lecture

Week 4, Monday: The Case of Bell, California (Full slides); continued People, principles and product lecture

Week 4, Wednesday: No class (sick day)

Week 4, Friday: People, principles and product lecture continued...

Week 5, Monday: End of People, principles and product lecture; discussion of Essay 1

Week 5, Wednesday: Guest lecture by Andy Hall

Week 5, Friday: Challenges of journalism: Objectivity and balance

Exam 1 Study guide

Week 6: Exam 1

Week 7, Monday: Finishing 'Challenges' lecture; Economics and ownership of American media; Full slides HERE

Week 7, Wednesday: Information attribution and plagiarism

Week 7, Friday: Ownership and regulation of American media

Week 8, Monday: Introduction to advertising

Week 8, Wednesday: The advertising process

Week 8, Friday: Completing 'advertising process' lecture

Week 9, Monday: Aperture in advertising

Week 9, Wednesday: Completing 'Aperture' lecture

Week 9, Friday: Frontline report on The Persuaders

Week 10, Monday: Creative in advertising

Week 10, Wednesday: Deb Pierce's guest lecture

Week 10, Friday: Critiques of advertising

Exam 2 Study guide

Week 11, Monday: Review session

Week 11, Wednesday: Exam 2

Week 11, Friday: Siri Carpenter's guest lecture on science journalism

Week 12, Monday: Magic bullet and two-step flow perspectives

Week 12, Wednesday: Cultural studies and cultivation theory

Week 12, Friday: Mike Wagner's guest lecture on agenda setting

Week 13: Thanksgiving!

Week 14, Monday: Origins of the digital society

Week 14, Wednesday: Completing 'Origins' lecture

Week 14, Friday: Jeremy Morris guest lecture

Week 15, Monday: Digital democracy

Week 15, Wednesday: Completing 'Digital democracy' lecture

Final exam Study guide

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