There will be 5 quizzes during the course of the semester. These will be written by the TAs and given during sections. However, no two sections' quizzes will be exactly the same! The quizzes will be about key concepts from the readings and lecture, and (major) current events in the news. Grade breakdown will be about 50/50 between these topics. Each quiz is worth 1 point.

Online assignments
At 5 times during the semester, students will be asked to make an extra post to their discussion blog. These prompts will come from the professor, and will ask the students to give an opinion, offer a story, or otherwise contribute something to that space. Each online assignment is due within one week of the prompt, and is worth 1 point.

Active participation in section--contributing to discussions in informed and substantive ways--will be assessed by TAs. This component of the grade is worth 5 points.

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